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Summer Thai Cooking Seminars at Phuket Health Spa Thai Cooking Class

The School is Located In Phuket just 200 Meters from the beach, and The Open Walled Thai Style Kitchen is set in our tropical gardens of Coconut, Banana, pineapple, Papaya, Mango Herbs and tropical flowering plants.
We take a maximum of six students on each course so you get the maximum possible hands on time and tutorship from our Executive Chef K.Sirikarn


Typical course content is as follows:


Introductions to the class, kitchen equipment etc / visit the local fresh market , where you will learn about the different Thai Fruits Vegetables, herbs, meats and seafood / return to Phuket Health Spa and down to the cooking, a typical menu will be a Thai Starter, Spicy Salad, Thai Soup, Main Course and Dessert / Eat Drink and be Merry.


Today we learn all about Thai Spices and the art of making the different pastes that are the basis for so many Thai Dishes…following this we proceed to cooking our second menu set and finish with drinks and dinner.


Right from the word go we are cooking today, a more complex set to test and enhance your newfound skills…during the afternoon a little light relief with the introduction of the secrets of producing the perfect Mai Thai Cocktail, from both fresh and canned juices, in Pineapple and out…oh and we drink them…Drink Merry eat ummm


A day of challenges….we provide you with a shopping list and some local currency and send you off to the fresh market to purchase the ingredients required for today's menu…after your return and a drink to calm your nerves we go on with the business of creating delicious Thai Food for our later consumption.


This is it…we give you the menus and the unprepared ingredients for all today's food and drinks and off you go….by the time you've whipped up a magical gourmet feast well all be ready for drinks and our final presentation dinner.

The course includes all of the following

  • 5 ½ days of full on tuition in a wide range of finished 5 course dinner menus plus All weeks dinners and drinks.

  • Working Knowledge of Thai Marketing and selection of Thai Vegetables / Fruits / meats / seafood / herbs / spices and etc.

  • Course Menus plus the full Phuket Health Spa Thai Cooking Class cooking Manual including many more menus, paste making etc

  • Souvenir Apron from Phuket Health Spa Thai Cooking Class

  • Certificate of course completion.



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