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We have developed Phuket Health Spa as a place of total relaxation for body and mind and the type of massage we do reflects this goal. 


Thai Herbal Oil Body Massage….per hour 600Baht


Phuket Health Spa Facial Programme  30 Mins..450Baht

With products combining the skin rejuvenating properties of Prai and Khamin we treat your face to a delightful programme of massage using cleansers ,moisturizers and toners to leave your face soft and glowing as never before 


Phuket Health Spa Foot Massage ……60 mins..450Baht

First your feet are washed with our wild mint soap, carefully dried and then massaged with both mint massage oil and a special wild mint foot lotion..the feeling of comfort and coolness has to be experienced to be believed 


 Phuket Health Spa Head and Hair Massage..450Baht

Invigorating, Relaxing, free-ing and  elevated are just some of the expressions we hear from customers after this total 1 hour massage

of head and scalp..

Phuket Health Spa Skin Rejuvenation Programme..1250Baht


This time we harness the amazing properties of Aloe Vera Gel,which penetrates every layer of skin and carries our Prai oil down to soften and rejuvenate your skin from the damage caused by the grime and stresses of daily life A layer of Aloe Vera and Prai Gel is smoothed onto your body which is then wrapped in a cotton sheet and time given for the mixture to fully penetrate. .you will experience an all over cooling effect as the aloe vera penetrates deeply into the skin. Prepped  for your massage You’ll receive an hour of Thai Herbal Massage, using our very special Prai Massage oil to make your body literally glow with health.

Phuket Health Spa Herbal Thai Soft Body Scrub..1.250Baht

The Thai Ayur vedic Clinic provides the recipe for our soft scrub. Using a mixture of Natural Thai Herbs we apply the scrub all over your body with a soft sponging which quickly brings new softness and texture to your skin. Next you are wrapped in pure cotton to allow time for the scrub to penetrate and soften your skin. After this….to an hour of wonderful Thai Oil  Massage with one of our special Aromatic massage oils.

Phuket Health Spa Herbal Thai Hard Body Scrub..1250Baht


This programme utilizes a secret herbal blend of Herbs from the ancient shops surrounding Wat Po in Bangkok .These are blended with AloeVera, Yoghurt and Sesame seed and applied to the body(not face) with a natural Loofah…an invigorating scrub that leaves the skin tingling fresh. Next you are wrapped in pure cotton to allow the herbs to penetrate and soften and thence to shower for cleansing,  prior to your massage.

 Finally an hour of Thai Oil Massage with one of our special Herbal Aromatic Massage oils to complete your treatment.


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