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Health spas in Phuket

Phuket health spa & retreat
Health Spa in Phuket


A Thai massage” body repair” system

Traditional Thai massageAn individual’s sense of well being is not just a matter of looking after the physical body. The mind and spirit must also be nurtured and cared for. The ritual of regular herbal Spa treatments is a traditional eastern way to facilitate this process of well being and to awaken a greater awareness of the link between the mental and bodily processes. The Phuket Health Spa experience starts with the guest drinking a fresh infusion of herbal tea, followed by massage and/or our different spa treatments, in the space of 1-3 hours, emerge revitalized, calmed and focused.
After treatment relax in the café’ whilst enjoying fresh fruit salad or juices or complete with a lunch/thai-dinner .


The Traditional Thai Massage

aromatic treatmentThe style of massage used by us is based on centuries old Thai traditions and yoga techniques learned at the Wat Po temple in Bangkok. Thai style massages focus on realigning the muscular and energy pathways in the body, unlocking tense shoulder and neck muscles and providing relief to guests with lower back disorders. The technique is a combination of pressure points and working the bodies skin tissue and muscle areas with particular attention to legs and feet. We spend most of our day standing and our feet are our contact point to the earth. Essential oils are used to enhance the theraputic effects in particular Prai, Ylang Ylang and Wild Mint. Guests lie on a traditional thai cushioned mattress during massage.

Bookings and opening hours.
Bookings required from 10am to 6pm, We are open every day of the year, from 11am to 9pm. Last massage booking is 6pm.


    • Thai massage with herbal oils.

    • Facial, using herbal toner, cleanser and moisturiser.

    • Foot massage.

    • Skin rejuvenation Aloe Vera repair programme.

    • Hard/Soft Body scrub treatment.

    • Learn “Witness Meditation”.


Kata beach - Phuket


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