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Traditional Thai Massage seminars in Phuket

Phuket health spa & retreat
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Massage Seminars available at Phuket Health Spa Institute of Thai Massage

Northern Thai Medicinal Massage ( Nuadd Bo-Rarn)

Course Length 60 hours spread over a two week period. Tuition is over ten days, each of 6 hours , from 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5pm, weekends are free. The course is divided into four levels, each of 15 hours and covers the clients body in every position. ie. Front, Back, Side and Sitting positions. The course is intensive and adequate practice time is included with experienced instructors. There is a practical test at the end of each level and on completion of the course, the aim being to produce proficient professional Masseurs within the time frame.
Addendum, after appx one year of working with the massage the Student may return to take the advanced course of Massage which includes Sen (energy line) therapy ,Advanced acupressure techniques, and therapies for specific ailments and illnesses etc.


Both courses, subject to successful completion , are certified by the Institute of Thai Massage and we currently have many of our students in professional positions worldwide. Different countries may have different criteria but as yet none of our students has had any difficulty with the validity of our certification.

Why Phuket Institute

The difference between us and other schools is the high teacher to student ratio, normally one to one, and the fact that we focus the entire time on the subject in hand, we do not attempt to teach you Buddhist prayers or Yoga in your time, while we fully endorse both of these essentials we also believe that you actually need the time with massage in order to attain the required proficiency levels.The prayers will be covered and provided in any event and Yoga classes can be arranged outside class time for those interested.

Eligibility for Courses

While it is possible that a background in the realms of healing via touch may be useful, it is by no means essential. We start at the beginning and each aspect of the work is covered thoroughly. The courses are therefore open to both beginners and professionals alike. However because of the intensity of the courses we would stress that this is not just a holiday course to collect a piece of paper but a serious professional training course.

The Instructor, The Spa, and The History

For a brief resume of the instructors experience in physical therapies in General and Thai Massage in Particular, The basic concepts of the Institute of Thai Massage and Phuket Health Spa and a short history of the beginnings of Thai Massage please refer to our website on



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