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Peculiarities of cervical-collar zone massage

Massage of the cervicothoracic area (also known as the neck and upper back) can be very helpful in relieving tension and stress, as well as improving blood circulation and reducing pain. Here are some of the features of massage of this area:

  1. Muscle relaxation: A cervicothoracic massage can help relax tense muscles, which is especially helpful for people who spend a lot of time in one position, such as at a computer or driving.
  2. Improve blood circulation: Massage helps improve circulation in the neck and upper back, which can help relieve swelling and reduce pain.
  3. Reducing pain: Massage can help reduce pain in the cervicothoracic area associated with muscle strains, such as headaches and neck pain.
  4. Improving mobility: Massage can help increase mobility of the cervical spine and joints, which can be beneficial for people with limited mobility.
  5. Stress relief and relaxation: A cervicothoracic massage can help relieve stress, improve mood and promote relaxation.
  6. Preventing pain and tension: Regular massage can help prevent the development of pain and tension in the neck and upper back, especially in people who are prone to these problems.
  7. Use a variety of techniques: Cervicothoracic massage can include a variety of techniques such as Swedish massage, Thai massage, myofascial massage, and others, depending on the goals of the massage and the needs of the client.

It is important to remember that cervicothoracic massage should be performed by an experienced massage therapist or a professional with the appropriate education and skills. Also, it is important to consult a doctor before starting a massage, especially if you have any medical problems or contraindications.

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